Ford's Vision Statement : Ford

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“Quality means doing it right when no one is looking.” -Henry Ford Ford was created in 1903 by Henry Ford in Detroit, MI. He quickly revolutionize the development of the automobile as a product and he also was the visionary behind the assembly line for mass production, and in turn made it possible for automobiles to become more affordable for the average household. Ford had a strong belief in his mission statement, which defines the kind of actions that are needed to fulfill organizational goal. However, Ford also had a vision statement that helped drive its global organization to reach its higher performance levels. Both areas assist in the overall foundation that Ford’s strong beliefs stand on. Both mission and vision statement are factors that solidify the success and strategic direction in the automotive industry. Ford’s vision statement, “people working together as a lean, global enterprise for automotive leadership” (Thompson, 2015) has three major points that surrounds the vision statement; which are global leadership, emphasis on stakeholders, and lean business (Thompson, 2015). Each area is a specific point that Ford concentrates on in order to better the business. Global Leadership indicates that Ford wants to become a top player in the international market; Ford achieves Emphasis on Stakeholders through enhancing their HR policies and corporate social responsibility strategies for employees, customers, investors, and others; and Lean Business which they have
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