Foreclosure-Personal Narrative

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In order to complete my heart's desire I've made sure to do above and beyond. My parents have also pushed and encouraged me to become the best me. I went to some of the best schools and took the best classes in Miami Dade County because my loving parents and I made sure that my grades remained on top. Even though I strived for the best, still I struggled with family issues. In middle school, I had a difficult time because my family was about to lose our home to foreclosure. When you lose someone or something so precious in your life, it can be a draining and learning experience. On the outside to everyone else they thought I looked blissfully happy, and like nothing was going on in my life. I was wearing a perfectly painted mask as my disguise. Little did they know that in reality I was constantly worried and I felt powerless. I had my father who worked as a construction worker and he tried to help out as much as he could, but he had his other kids and bills to pay. My hardworking mother was a Registered Nurse who graduated from the University of Miami for crying out loud and she did whatever she had to do to try and get a job but it was like everywhere she turned there was a roadblock. Finally, she got a…show more content…
I am a firm believer in God and every Sunday that I go to church I figure out something new about life that will help me progress daily. I strongly believe that the way we think can affect our outcome and they way we feel. By having a positive mindset and blocking out the negativity there will be more positivity to come my way. Everyday, I am reminded to not let the circumstances of life stop me fulfilling my purpose. Since my mind isn’t down in the gutter this will also help me think about my dreams that I want to come true. My thinking and experiences pushes me to advance, finish my original dreams, and to create new
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