Foreclosure in America

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Foreclosure in America has been a rising and prominent problem recently, and has destroyed many Americans hopes and dreams. Over 2.3 million homes were foreclosed in 2008, and an estimated four million homes will be foreclosed by the end of this year. Despite the efforts of many banks and lending companies, over half of homes will foreclose that have received their help. I believe that we have only started in the right direction in solving the foreclosure crisis. Giving money and lowering mortgage rates will help, but I believe we should find out why Americans are in this situation in the first place. We are being too stereotypical when we think the only reason someone is foreclosing is because of irresponsible payments or buying a home…show more content…
You solve this by creating more jobs, thus allowing more people the opportunity to work. If we destroy cyclical unemployment, we make a huge stride in solving the foreclosure crisis. I also think there are situations where any sort of temporary care should be averted until we see progress from the homeowner. If the homeowner gave self-inflicting wounds, such as lavish and foolish spending for inessentials, then we should only give those temporary help if we see a step in the right direction and a change of financial thinking. We should also not help someone who believes that he or she will receive a check from the bank and should never have to work a day in his or her life. The American spirit has never promoted laziness and I don’t think we should start today. Temporary help to unemployed citizens should only come if the unemployed citizen has shown a desire to return working. Everyone has a part to play in solving the foreclosure crisis, and laziness should not be tolerated. I believe the foreclosure crisis will only continue and worsen until we understand the needs of the American public. Giving money is not the answer entirely. Each situation is unique and different from another. What works for one citizen may not be the solution for another. This is not only a financial situation but a social situation in my opinion. If he or she has a legitimate reason why they are in a foreclosure panic, such as death, divorce, sudden medical illness, or
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