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Introduction Forefront Wood Products is a producer of high quality wooden door-sets based in China. The company faces significant operations issues resulting from its processes and culture. As a consequence, the company struggles to be profitable. Forefront’s parent company, The Forefront Holding plans an initial public offering (IPO) in 2007. To solve all the problems and to prepare the company for the upcoming IPO, Forefront hired a new operations manager with the task to turn the factory around. During his first weeks on the job, the new operations manager found many serious problems in the manufacturing facilities, production processes, and within the workforce mentality. In addition, Forefront had significant problems with high…show more content…
Beside the customer analyzes, six sigma can also help Forefront to carry out its work more efficient at a higher quality level. The unorganized supply chain management was combined with a working culture that made it impossible to have quality and efficient outcomes. The workers were not aware of their influence on the quality outcomes of the products. This seems understandable to me, because a benchmarking and continuous improvement approach was missing within Forefront. In addition, the workers did not prepare any kind of documentations. Without these documentations it is not possible to follow an improvement approach. Furthermore, the Chinese working mentality forbids direct criticism. For these problems I would suggest that the company should implements a benchmarking and continuous improvement approach. In addition, Forefront must have a documented control procedure and the employees should be trained to be able to implement the written procedures. With a written down step by step procedure, employees should become more aware of their work and of the outcomes. If the employees have issues with the procedures, they should be discussed and revisions made if necessary. The high turnover rates are also not good for the working mentality. I would suggest to clearly defining job

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