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Foreign Aid Canada (FAC) To: FAC Executive Management Team From: Pat Innes, CMA December 4, 2012 Executive Summary: Foreign Aid Canada (FAC) is a charitable organization whose mandate is to provide humanitarian aid in Africa and Asia through emergency relief, development assistance, and HIV/AIDS treatment and prevention programs. FAC's strategic goal is to undertake HIV/AIDS projects that will help 3000-6000 AIDS patients, while maintaining a cost of less than $700/patient/year, and continuing to provide emergency relief and development assistance. CIDA, a government organization, will fund AIDS projects if they achieve the targets set out above. In…show more content…
s Achieves target of helping 3000-6000 patients with a cost less than $700/patient/year (Appendix C) Helps fight against the AIDS outbreak Meets threshold to receive CIDA funding  $500,000 restricted donation can be used to cover cost remaining after CIDA contribution FAC has experience with Contractor #2, and the contractor has a good track record In line with FAC's mandate of implementing HIV/AIDS programs Takes advantage of Wayne Ryce's expertise in fighting AIDS with a NGO FAC has funding available to pay for clinics after funding development and relief projects (Appendix B) Cons CIDA and restricted donation do not cover entire project cost, FAC must use unrestricted funds which would minimize the amount able to go to relief and development projects Contractor #2 is more expensive, however, problems have arisen in the past with contractors recommended by government officials Residents living in rural and remote areas who are too poor will not be able to use the clinics CIDA funding will only be for 3 years, however, clinics are not expected to be handed over to local government until after 5 years Alternative 2 - Mobile AIDS Clinics Pros Achieves target of helping 3000-6000 patients with a cost less than $700/patient/year (Appendix D) Meets threshold to receive CIDA funding  Takes advantage of strategically located regional offices by using them as home bases Vehicles will be donated minimizing the cost to FAC Allows

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