Foreign Aid For Developing Countries

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As First World countries, we have developed a way of thinking that says because we are more developed, we now hold all the knowledge necessary to turn a developing country into a developed country. The failure of foreign aid proves this statement to be false. In a majority of cases where aid is given to developing countries, it simply does not work. They are still in the same situation, if not worse, then they were before they received aid. Foreign aid is a failure for three reasons: the aid does not reach the appropriate people, the aid does not always fix the situation in the long-run, and the aid creates a dependence on both the donor country and the aid itself. We have the capability and the desire to be of enormous assistance to the developing countries. The way we go about giving the foreign aid determines whether it will ultimately succeed or fail. To begin with, a huge problem with foreign aid is that it does not reach the right people. When most people donate to an aid organization, they have no clue where their money is going. They are told it makes underprivileged lives better, but does it always? Most of the aid is given to the recipient’s government to distribute as they see fit. If there are guidelines, they are just that. They are ill-defined and inexact in their terms of agreement. Two reasons why the aid may not reach the right people are that the government does not always know where in the country needs money and help the most and the governments are
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