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Foreign Aid Foreign Aid, charity, development assistance…whatever you call it, it has become a global activity. The assistance is delivered by various means: government-to-government, pooled multilaterally or channeled through non-governmental organisations of all sizes. Actually, the bulk of foreign aid is funneled through international financial institutions like the World Bank, which gives grants, loans and advice, and the International Monetary …show more content…
A Trickle Too Little Whether America intentionally used food aid to turn Africans into consumers of wheat, and especially American wheat, is debatable. But David Sogge suggests that the political and economic interests of donor or lender countries usually influence who gets foreign aid and how. Relieving poverty has only relatively recently becomes a fundamental criterion for assessing aid's success.

"Until about three or four years ago," explains Sogge, "aid did not particularly take poverty into account. Poverty would be something that would be resolved once the benefits of broad development would trickle down to poorer people."

Delivery Problems This trickle down theory, which says if you improve things at the top they will eventually improve things at the bottom, has not worked. In his book, David Sogge cites numerous studies that show how aid programmes have had a negative impact on economic growth and have usually created greater income inequalities. But can we place most of the blame on the givers of aid? Problems do occur once the money and materials arrive in the country of destination.

"Corruption and malpractice is an old one and it cuts across many systems of public assistance. Clearly this has occurred with foreign aid. One of the aid industry's

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