Foreign Brands ' Faithful Oem Partners

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Long known as foreign brands’ faithful OEM partners, Chinese companies have been providing quality consumer electronic products for brands such as Apple and Hewlett& Packard, and remained anonymous as the symbolic “Made in China” in the fine print. After twenty years of development, experienced Chinese manufacturers started to look into the consumer electronics market both domestically and abroad. Even Chinese brands have made significant progress in increasing market share in the consumer electronics market globally, product differentiation still remains as one of the biggest challenges facing Chinese brands as the market has become fiercely competitive. Take the smartphone sector for instance, most of the “innovative feature” claims such as thinner body, larger screen, and longer battery life can be easily found in any smartphone maker’s advertising. Strategies such as mimicking successful frontrunners and selling at low prices would only create a race to the bottom situation and have lost their charms. Pick a niche and become specialized in that segment There are always good ideas out there. For a sector like consumer electronics, the market is so competitive that brands must be able to differentiate themselves to survive. Prioritize global marketing strategy Especially for younger brands, the long term global expansion strategy must be executed with patience, care, and prioritization. Case study: Nubia Founded in 2012 and became independent from ZTE in 2015, Nubia

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