Foreign-Built Cars Essay

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Why Americans Prefer Foreign-built Cars For years people have thought that Americans were buying more American-made cars than other brands. But now the truth has come up, Americans are buying more foreign-built cars than ever. For example, more people prefer a Toyota or a Honda over a Chevy or Ford now. According to the American Consumer Satisfaction Index, Lexus, Toyota and Cadillac shared the top spot in consumer satisfaction (“U.S. buyers prefer” 1). Still, many Americans prefer foreign-built cars over American made cars because foreign-built cars offer better reliability and longevity, better fuel mileage, and better performance on the roads. One reason that Americans prefer foreign-built cars is foreign-built cars offer better reliability and are better built to last. For example, just about everyone knows someone who is driving an old Toyota that is…show more content…
The compact Chevrolet Cruze also had a worrying fire-related recall, which affected every single model sold. Missteps like these seem to be common for domestic automakers. (1) Beside the Toyota and Lexus recall of 2014, all other brands on the top ten largest recall list are domestic. Ford Motor Company has the most with three large recalls since recalls started in 1969.With all the consumer praise of foreign vehicles and all the recalls of domestic cars, it is easy to see why Americans prefer foreign-built cars. Secondly, Americans prefer foreign-built cars because foreign-built cars offer better fuel economy. As Iva Frugal states:
After doing some math, I figured the of the top five American cars gets 27.4 mpg in the city and 32 mpg on the highway, while the average of the top five Japanese cars gets 46.2 in the city and 49 mpg on the highway. This equates to 68% better gas mileage in the city and 48% better gas mileage on the highway for Japanese cars.
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