Foreign Conflicts

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Many times America has intervened in foreign conflicts such as World War I and World War II. Although Americans did not intervene in World War I until later, their role was to stop Germany from sinking US ships and to stop Germany form trying to conquer most of Europe because it posed a threat to democracy, according to Woodrow Wilson. In the novels The Quiet American, by Graham Greene and in For Whom the Bell Tolls, by Ernest Hemingway, Americans get involved in foreign conflict. Although they have the same motifs, which is to help the local people they both take on a different way of helping them. In Greene’s novel the American tries to apply a “Third Force” to get things settled and introduce the idea of democracy. On the other hand, in Hemingway’s novel the American helps fight against the fascist by planning a bomb attack. The novel…show more content…
This influence led the Pyle to his demise, his purpose was to help the local people but instead he ended up hurting them. Pyle represented the US a badly even though he meant no harm his actions hurt many people. Harding’s books mentions a “Third Force”, which Pyle implemented with “Operation Bicyclette” along with General Thé to fight for “democracy” against the French and communist. The Operation Bicyclette was placing bombs on Vietnamese civilians bicycle and it ended up hurting many people. When Pyle gets asked if he will change his views after witnessing the harm he has cause her cynically replies no, “They were only war casualties…It was a pity, but you can’t always hit your target”(Greene, 183). Pyle came into Vietnam trying to bring American political structure into foreign country because he referred to the people who died due to the bomb as people who died for the sake of democracy
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