Foreign Direct Investment ( Fdi )

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d) Foreign direct investment (FDI)
As shown in the Figure 1, the UAE has jumped to the 11th position in 2014 against the 13th in 2013 and the 15th in 2012. The United Arab Emirates reported a $9.6 billion inflow of FDI in 2012, up from $7.7 billion the year before. (A.T. Kearney Foreign Direct Investment Confidence Index, 2014. p. 20). Besides Dubai, the foreign direct investment policies in the UAE have to be applied on the national scale and would be preferably to open more industries to the foreign investors. As matter of fact, the World Expo 2020 which will be staged in the UAE represents an opportunity to revise the foreign ownership policies in order to bring more investments in the country. Figure 1 Source: A.T. Kearney Foreign Direct Investment Confidence Index®, 2014

7. The major issues facing the UAE
a) The natural resources issues
Water: The Middle East region has experienced environmental issues during the past years. In fact, water issue is one of the most frightening problems that face the Middle East region in general and the UAE in particular. Actually, statistics predict a serious water crisis in the coming years, especially in the desert regions such as the Middle East and Africa. Due to the differences of population’s density in the different cities in the country, the UAE’s water resources are distributed unevenly among the seven Emirates. In reality, the water is highly consumed in the most populated cities such as Dubai and

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