Foreign Direct Investment Or Export And Import Possibilities Essay

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Allan’s bistro is one of the premier roasters and retailers of coffee and coffee products in the USA. Founded by Allan smith in the 1950’s in the USA, it has become well acknowledged for its great quality of coffee, genuine service and expertly brewed coffee from the best coffee beans on the market worldwide. Due to increased competition in the coffee industry today, it has become necessary for Allan’s bistro to expand, increase market share and build up and even stronger reputation. This need has led Allan’s bistro to broaden its reach into developing economies in search of more opportunities for trade and/or investment. For this, Rwanda seems to be a desirable choice.
This report aims to analyse the possible interests of foreign direct investment or export/ import possibilities and how this would be beneficial for Allan’s bistro. The study will consider the economic and political national institutional systems in Rwanda and USA, in addition, the report will scrutinise the exchange rate regimes of Rwanda and USA and how they may affect Allan’s bistro. Lastly, it will assess the corporate social responsibility issues Allan’s bistro may encounter in Rwanda as a foreign counterpart in the coffee industry.
The results of this study advocate that it should be implemented.
Coffee industry.
Global demand for coffee has been on the rise in recent years and there several big consumers such as USA, Brazil, japan among others, in fact the demand may be higher than the supply.
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