Foreign Intervention : International Conflicts

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Foreign Intervention in International Conflicts Everyday, lives are lost due to fighting of different nation against each other, as well as within each of them. This is why foreign intervention is an important problem that needs to be discussed. There are many interventions that the US themselves have taken apart of. Some of these include the Spanish American War, The US Occupation of Haiti, The US Intervention of Dominican Republic, The US Intervention in Yugoslavia, The US Invasion of Invasion of Iraq, and many more. We believe that by setting up guidelines and rules about when to intervene, and how to intervene, we can more effectively solve global issues. The first thing that we need to establish is the guidelines for when we intervene in a certain countries affairs. The US must not intervene unless the country asks for assistance or if there is a serious and imminent act against humanity. Once these guidelines are implemented, then the US must establish how they will intervene. We will intervene through three different strategies and approaches. These three approaches include economic and political stabilization, humanitarian aid, and security through military protection. To reach our goal of economic and political stabilization, the DISEC will start a Monetary Collection Act, in which countries, on a specifically moral basis, can contribute any amount of money that they wish. Countries have the option of not contributing any money, keeping in mind that countries that
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