Foreign Investment Into The London Property Market

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Introduction In recent years, what can only be described as extremely rapid growth has occurred in the London property market. With a present average house price of £458,283 compared to £179,492 for the rest of England and Wales (Land Registry, 2015, pp. 3-5), London is an interesting case study for analysis due to a consistent 9.8% ten year growth average (Knight Frank , 2014). Something demonstrated in Figure 1, which shows property price percentage increase from the twelve months prior to December 2014. With such levels of growth, it is easy to conceptualise London’s attractiveness to investors, particularly that of foreign origin from less stable countries. Broadly focused on economic geography, my thesis will be an original piece…show more content…
The aim of the project is to investigate and document something that has not been extensively researched in academic literature. The present day issue of foreign investment in London property provides somewhat of a gap in academic study which I hope (in a small way) to begin to fill. There are several reasons for me choosing this particular area to research, the first is a strong interest in finance and my desire to work in this sector after graduation. Secondly, the potential volatility and substantive gains and losses associated with the property market, make for an interesting study area. Looking at the foreign investment dimension culminates both of the aforementioned contemporary aspects, with my aim to add knowledge and understanding to the world. Literature Review When searching for literature to review, it quickly became evident that there was a distinct lack of contemporary scholarly writing surrounding the direct issue of foreign investment in the London property market. In contrast, there are many news articles and publications that exist which identify the issue. For the purpose of this section, scholarly literature bearing on investment in the round and the property market in particular will be reviewed to provide context, while news articles and publications to
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