Foreign Language : An Educational Trend

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Foreign Language: An Educational Trend A growing new educational trend across the US, is learning a foreign language. Foreign languages not only benefit adults, but can also broaden the minds of young children. The pros, cons, and the effect a foreign language can have on children come into effect at an earlier stage when taught. “Since the late 1960’s, the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) has conducted regular national surveys on the status of foreign language enrollment in U.S. K-12 public schools (Foreign Language). It is the only national study focused on K-12 public school foreign language students. The results from this study allow educators, policy makers, and the general public to identify gaps between the current state of foreign language education and where they want it to be (Foreign Language).” Foreign language learning has become an educational trend across the nation. States across the U.S. compete with other students across the world. States like the District of Columbia, New York, and Texas to name a few offer language learning. Funding this project is the primary trigger. In present day, the advantages of learning a foreign language are never ending and with it; supporting claims. Some of which include: the supported academic achievements, providing cognitive benefits to students, and lastly the affect language learning has on the attitudes and beliefs of other cultures (ACTFL). The ACTFL benefits students from pre-K until
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