Foreign Language Anxiety In School

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After much research I have gathered a variety of information to help me my research question of, how does anxiety impact students performance in school? Anxiety is a subjective feeling of tension, apprehension, nervousness and worry (International Conference Mathematics Education Research 2010). There are many ways in which students can come to have anxiety, impacting them while in school. I have learned that there are many things that can cause students to become anxious. When a student becomes anxious it affects their performance in school and impacts their grades heavily. These anxieties can change a student's emotional response towards school and they respond differently in certain scenarios compared to other students. Some of these anxieties within schools can be language anxieties, test anxieties, and other anxieties toward school subjects or just school in general.
Language Anxiety
Foreign language anxiety is composed through three different performance anxieties. These include test anxiety, communication apprehension, and fear of the negative evaluation. Students that have language anxieties have struggled in a variety of ways. They have to go to school on a day to day basis struggling with as little as not being able to communicate with their peers. This makes it hard for students since they are not able to ask for help as easily as non foreign students. It can be hard for these students to adjust to a new environment being as they are trying to fully adapt
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