Foreign Language Literacy And Its Effect On The Culture Of Cambodia

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The tourism sector is a large contributor to the growing economy of Cambodia. This industry is supported by the widespread literacy of various foreign languages that was adopted from their neighboring countries and its former colonizer. French was introduced to formal education during the independence period in 1960s. Currently, the second phase Upper Secondary Education curriculum requires 4 lessons of either English or French. Visitors in Cambodia do not only come to see the natural assets and historical sites of Cambodia but they also enjoy the hospitality of the Khmers who make the effort to learn foreign languages. Hence, foreign language literacy plays a vital role in the growing tourism industry of Cambodia raising
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In many countries around the world, English is being learned only by those who can afford instruction in it. Not being able to afford such instruction can close many doors, particularly with regard to accessing higher education. (p. 24)

Foreign language literacy and the tourism sector
Although agriculture is the largest segment of Cambodia’s economy, tourism is the second largest contributor to the country’s gross domestic product. To support the growth of tourism, Cambodia has adopted many languages into their culture such as the Cambodian French, Cham, Jarai, Kuy, Stieng, Chinese, and English. These languages were developed from the languages of France, Vietnam, Thailand, and China. This historical connection from each country is one of the reasons tourists like to visit Cambodia. For instance, the French visit Cambodia due to their historical connection which was the French colonial rule from 1863 through 1953. These similarities that arose from the adoption of languages then became the connection of Cambodia to the said countries. Aside from the historical connection, these language connections are one of the reasons tourists visit Cambodia (Bookbridge 2015).
Literacy in foreign language enables the local people of Cambodia to take up jobs in the field of tourism such as translators, interpreters, and

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