Foreign Market Entry and Diversification

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Foreign Market Entry and Diversification Name Institution Date Foreign Market Entry and Diversification Amber Snack Company Diversification of business presented to the board of directors Every successful business around the globe was created as a single commodity entrepreneurship. With time, these businesses adopted diverse channels of productivity as increase in the sales volumes and sales territories. Without enlargement of their market entities, theses businesses would not have stood ground in order to be as successful as they are today. Diversification is the only equitable strategy that every business ought to embrace in order to be effective, efficient, and sustainable in a competitive market. Therefore, Amber Snack Company ought to take rudimentary steps that will find it occupy global markets and expand its operational procedures globally for increased growth and development (Ireland, Hoskisson & Hitt, 2011). Strategy for diversification Diversification takes several steps in the market. Products can be diversified. Moreover, services as technological exemplifications through the creation of awareness are classified under equitable diversification within businesses. Amber Snack Company will embrace diversification of products and services together with entrants to the global market. The company will engage the technological marketing strategies like use of the social media in order to present its products and services to the global market. Moreover, the
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