Foreign Policy, Globalization, And Nuclear Proliferation

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In September of 2015, President Obama pleaded towards his administration to allow entry for 10,000 Syrian refugees into the United States. This sparked a lot of controversy between millions of Americans due to the threat of possible “terrorist sleeper cells”. The feelings of this can, partly, be contributed towards the emerging terrorist organization, ISIL/ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant). Despite these feelings, there are also many citizens that believe that our nation must act humanitarianly and urge legislatures to allow these refugees admittance into our country. In the article, “Obama Increases Number of Syrian Refugees for U.S. Resettlement to 10,000”, the authors Gardener Harris, David Sanger, and David Herszenhorn discuss President Obama’s call-to-action and give details that support the allowance of Syrian Refugees into the United States. Contributing writer, David Sanger, is a chief Washington correspondent for The New York Times and he has covered many issues, like: foreign policy, globalization, and nuclear proliferation. Mr. Sanger writes about many of the struggles that the refugees may face when attempting to gain access into the United States and discusses many views from outside politicians and professionals. The history of current the Syrian conflict began, roughly, five years ago. From these conflicts, the whole world has been witness to many acts of violence and fighting in the country of Syria. Much of the conflicts in Syria can
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