Foreign Policy Has The Diplomatic Pendulum Swept So Wide An Arc Essay

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Rarely in the history of U.S foreign policy has the diplomatic pendulum swept so wide an arc over such a short span of time. The swift regime change Iran witnessed in 1979 set forth a series of events that would define U.S relations with the Middle Eastern nation for decades to follow. It never occurred to me that one incident that lasted a little over a year could have such drastic repercussions.
This infamous calamity, known as the Iran Hostage Crisis, had its seeds planted during the Iranian Revolution when Reza Shah Pahlavi was deposed and offered refuge in the United States to treat his growing cancer. His deposition resulted from the people’s growing dissatisfaction with the Shah’s handling of the country, many calling it anti-Islamic (PBS). Only to make things worse, on November 4, 1979, a group of furious student Iranian revolutionaries invaded the U.S embassy in Tehran and took over 60 Americans hostage demanding the deposed Shah be returned so he could be put on trial in exchange for the hostages. This ordeal lasted 444 days, with Iran left under the control of the power-hungry fundamentalist Khomeini (Britannica). Over this long and tension-filled span, U.S President Jimmy Carter vowed to bring back each hostage to safety as the hatred between the two nations began to grow exponentially.
Despite the outcome of this crisis, the toll that both countries had to take was drastically significant. Before, the two relied on each other both economically and politically
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