Foreign Policy : International Politics And Relations Through Various Variables

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Geopolitics is a study of foreign policy to understand international politics and relations through various variables. A geopolitical environment refers to a region’s political circumstance while considering the nations ' geology, history, religion, culture, administrative structure, and financial circumstances. It is also applied to a single country’s political situation given their geographic realities or the environment of the entire continent. The United Kingdom 's prospective withdrawal from the European Union is widely known as Brexit. The result of the June 23 referendum in the United Kingdom could lead to the first instance of a member of the European Union leaving the Union’s ranks. Beyond the social and economic impact of such a…show more content…
May’s comments which would initiate Article 50, which would give 2 years of time before the entire separation will happen. So, because of this article, British would leave the European Union in March -2019. This would mean the European laws wouldn’t apply on UK anymore and that UK will have its own rules and regulation when it comes to trade immigration, etc. This shocked was immediately followed by Scottish people doing major riots for Scottish exit from the UK as they feel they would be entirely under the British which they didn’t really enjoy. There was a huge response from the various countries and their great leaders. Brexit has an effect on the economy in a number of ways such as GBP hitting the all-time low since 1985. This exit proved to come at a cost of worldwide markets along with GBP losing its top position in the AAA FICO. To prevent the UK from slipping into further economical low, the BOE has decreased the loan fees to prevent the above from happening. The entire situation puts doubts in everyone’s mind what would happen once the UK exits and how it would affect the new exchange globally. This also gives UK an option to either leave the EU completely or stay a part of the EU market for the monetary zone. This also gave Russia to focus more on the Ukraine end and reduce its efforts towards the reducing oil prices. EU union was aggressive with their comments saying the remote companies would no longer work remotely as
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