Foreign Policy Making Power

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Practicing the foreign policy is when the nation makes treaties with other countries, or when the ambassadors are sent to abroad. The goals of foreign policy of the America are maintaining national security, supporting democracy, promoting world peace, providing aid and establishing open trade. Under the United States Constitution, the foreign policymaking power is divided between the President and the Congress, so that means both have an important role in the making of foreign policy. The Executive and Legislative Branches each has specific power; they assume their responsibilities that are different but actually overlap. As I mentioned about the U.S President’s powers above, the President is the Commander in Chief of the United States Armed…show more content…
That does why in Article II of the Constitution affirm that the President has power to determine and decide U.S foreign policy. And the President can nominate someone as his pleasure for specific positions without the Senate’s advice. The appointments are approved with a majority votes. Therefore, the President has dominant force in the making of foreign policy. The most recent example to assert the diplomatic power of the President using his strength to conduct foreign affairs with other nations, even those nations may be the America’s adversaries is Iran nuclear negotiation. A nation like Iran has promoted acts of terrorism throughout the Middles East and attempted destroying the Israel. President Barack Obama has tried to negotiate an arms nuclear deal while the Congress claimed that the U.S should not oar or even negotiate with those terrorist countries. He has actively engaged with Iranian leaders in an effort to end their nuclear programs. Thus, we can see that President Barack Obama did not take the advice of the Senate, but pulled an effort with a tactic of diplomacy to engage with those countries without using military
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