Foreign Policy : The United States Economy And Social Problems

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Third and finally, Bremmer’s preferable approach, the Independent America approach, focuses on America’s errors with an imperialistic style of foreign policy. Bremmer states that the United States should let those boiling points in Europe and the Middle East be handled by their own countries. This idea focuses on the betterment of the United States economy and social problems. Pointing to the recent events in Ukraine the Independent approach makes the point of the fact that the American people do not want to continue the involvement in the Baltic States and would much rather focus on issues within the homeland. However, the United States government has already put in too many lives and economic expenditures to just pull out, at this point it would simply be a waste. While the involvement in the first place was the wrong choice it cannot be helped at this point. Bremmer’s action of pointing to the Vietnam War stands to be an unfair representation of current foreign policy as the war itself was more than forty years ago. As it stands now the United States foreign policy is a well-built system, sure there are some things that require changing but there is always going to be a flaw in it as with time the world changes. Bremmer states that the United States should not force its ideals onto countries that do not want change, saying that trying to force them will cause dispute that they are more willing to win. While this is true it is for a good cause, democracy is needed within
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