Foreign Policy of Pakistan from 1947 to 2012

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Pakistan Foreign Policy: Form 1947 to 2012 Shahnawaz Mohammad Khan PhD Candidate Department of International Relations FUUAST

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Therefore, since independence, the main objective of Pakistan’s foreign policy has been to protect its territorial integrity against a possible attack from India—to ensure national security from external threats. An important aspect of Pakistan’s foreign policy is that its relations with India mainly determine its attitude towards the other nations. It has conjured up threat from India, and by constantly harping on its fear of India; Pakistan has tried to win the sympathy of the superpowers. However, the basic force behind Pakistan foreign policy is its security and survival, both economic and military.
However, the very nature of the state system breeds feelings of insecurity, distrust, suspicion, and fear. This atmosphere produces a constant competition for power in which each state, to reduce its insecurity, seeks to enhance its power relative to that of a possible foe. If a state perceives its neighbour as a potential enemy, it tries to deter an attack or political coercion by becoming a little stronger than its neighbour, or at least as strong. The neighbour, in turn, also fears attack or political intimidation. It understands that its best interests lie in increasing its strength to forestall either contingency or, if necessary, in winning a war, should matters go that far.
There was very strong perception among the Congress leaders that Pakistan is not economically viable state and it could not survive. Maulana Abul Kalam Azad revealed that among others Sardar
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