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The IFMIS provides a critical financial management solution for countries whose administrative and economic infrastructure is obsolete, or has been destroyed through war and years of conflict. There is broad agreement that a fully functioning IFMIS can improve governance by providing real-time financial information that financial and other managers can use to administer programs effectively, formulate budgets, and manage resources. Sound IFMIS systems, coupled with the adoption of centralized treasury operations, can not only help developing country governments gain effective control over their finances, but also enhance transparency and accountability, reducing political discretion and acting as a deterrent to corruption and fraud. Obstacles should not be underestimated. The road to implementing successful IFMIS in developing countries is paved with difficulties, such as resistance from the bureaucracies involved; lack of decision-making from the top; weak human capital; corruption and fraud; and, in the case of conflict-ridden countries, the instability and violence that impair any efficient long-term work. Moreover, IFMIS systems are complicated, expensive, and difficult to manage and maintain. Indeed, a 2003 review of 34 IFMIS projects supported by the World Bank over 15 years estimated that only few of the systems were likely to be sustained after donor support ceased. Obstacles notwithstanding, the

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