Foreign Service Officer For Citizenship And Immigration Canada

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For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted a career that would continually broaden my horizons and benefit society at large. I am interested in a career as a Foreign Service Officer for Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) because of the international scope and dynamism of its long-term career path as well as the opportunity to contribute to Canadian society as a member of the public service. Although these aspects of the career appeal to me, I also recognize them as the two most challenging aspects of working as a Foreign Service Officer. First, the prospect of moving from posting to posting, while exciting, would require me to constantly adapt to new environments and make adjustments in personal affairs. Second, a career in public service requires me to serve as a non-partisan agent and to carry out policies that I may or may not agree with, which can present demoralizing situations throughout the lifetime of my career. Despite these challenges, I am confident that I can use the passion and interest that I possess for the work of a Foreign Service Officer to derive satisfaction in such a career. My interest in a career as a Foreign Service Officer with CIC is rooted in my desire for work that is both exciting and beneficial to society at-large. There is extensive travelling involved in a Foreign Service career with CIC, often to places that are radically different from Canada. This would serve to broaden my own personal understanding of the human condition
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