Foreign Students And Other Socio Cultural Contexts Essay

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At present there is a growing volume of students who migrate from one Culture to another, which represents a phenomenon that requires understanding the process Of adaptation or acculturation to the different socio-cultural contexts. I will begin by defining the term foreign students, it refers to Individuals who reside voluntarily and temporarily in a country that is not their own in order to participate in the international educational exchange, intending to Return to their country of origin, once reached the purpose of their trip (Lin & Yi, 1997). Since World War II, governments have supported the fact that an enormous number of students attending an institution in another country for a long weather. Foreign students constitute approximately 10% of students from many parts of the world. At some point, it is likely that one million students and schoolchildren who attend institutions in the foreign (Hayes, 1998; Koretz, 1998). Countries that receive more students Foreigners are: the United States, Canada, Great Britain and Australia. The Foreign students are part of the export industry. For example: Estimates that in Australia the students who come from the middle class of the Southeast Asian countries contribute about 2 billion annually to the Australian economy. In 1995 there were 72,000 foreign students involving 2.3 trillion and 21,000 Jobs in the Canadian economy. Studying abroad involves a series of adaptations for the person Which is being
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