Foreign Trade And Labor Market Trends

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According to the following article, foreign imports and trade do affect un-skilled workers, making them lose their jobs. “At first glance, it seems unlikely that foreign trade should have a significant impact on the employment of unskilled workers.” “Attention to the linkage between foreign trade and labor market trends is a part of a broader debate on whether the falling wages and employment rates of less educated male workers in the United States are due to skill-biased technical change or to foreign trade” (Pryor, 1999) If this article argues that foreign import and trading does affect unemployment, it may explain why some voters would vote “no” on the Stata data and it may also prove that one’s political party does not necessarily have an affect on what the voters voted.

The idea of having so much imports and free trade in the United States that American culture will eventually be lost, is a scary idea present today in the United States. According to this article, it will in part explain the reasoning behind this fear. “Communitarians are derided for their commitment to closed borders. According to their critics, if we balance the claims of cultural preservation (deployed primarily by wealthy countries) against the claims of economic betterment (deployed primarily by the very poor), the correct moral ordering will prioritize the claims of economic betterment, and thus support claims for open borders over closed borders.” (Lenard, P.T., 2010) This article may show why…
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