Foreign and Local Related Literature

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Chapter 1

The learning process needs techniques and tools to present the knowledge (from different resources), interact with it and share it with others. In this context, eLearning is becoming an important tool to support the learning system to achieve its goals. ELearning became hot topic in the 1990’s after the spread of the internet. Although it has a relative short history, it is becoming an important part of learning. The majority of the universities adopted some kinds of eLearning within its learning system.

Generally, the internet is new media, it has been spread in 1990’s furthermore, the E-learning is very recent tool, and so this sector needs more and more researches.

E-learning, like many terms in
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The media used can combine audio, video, images, and text in a variety of combinations and using a range of approaches.

E-learning should be regarded as a facility or set of tools, not a particular teaching method. Indeed, e-learning may be used to support almost any kind of instructional approach, positive or negative. Examples of using e-learning constructively include approaches which combine more traditional teaching practices with information and communications technologies. For example, an instructor might use the Internet during his or her lecture to access online animations that supplement the class presentation. A course website might contain activities that facilitate active learning.

Communications applications such as online discussions groups might be used to enable collaborative problem solving among groups of students who have difficulty scheduling meetings. Instructors of fully online courses typically use little if any face-to-face instruction and depend almost entirely on e-learning.

The degree to which e-learning is used by instructors varies widely due to a number of factors including their personal teaching preferences, the nature of the subject matter, the students involved as well as the availability of technical and instructional design support. Quality instruction remains the paramount goal and e-learning should never be used for its own sake. The E-Learning Committee identified the

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