Foreign and Local Studies

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Chapter II


By conducting a research of some related studies and literature, it enables the researchers to understand the conducted study. The survey and investigation of the past studies is essential to the researchers to for it to give ideas and also as guide. Also some related studies are intended to seek the solution to the problem and make them better by the used of proponent.

Foreign Literature

[1]According to the Right Pharmacy Management System, the key benefits of the pharmacy management system-automating processes, streamlining workflow and thereby enhancing the customer base-are attracting enough to draw retail pharmacy chains competing in a world of growing
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With emphasis on a decentralized workflow for front counter operations and a centralized back-office, it can be readily integrated with outpatient clinic information system. Modern healthcare establishments demand speed and accuracy from their front-end or counter operations. PIMS provides these advantages in the form of improved and efficient workflow for the pharmacy department. The deployment of the system results in an efficient workflow with quick patient turnaround. The Patient Registration module allows the user to retrieve existing patient information from the designated patient master database. It also allows new patient information to be created which would then get updated into the same database. The patient master database holds all relevant patient information, which can be retrieved by all the integrated systems in the hospital.

Local Literature

[6]Pharmacy System; it is part of the Hospital Information System designed for the Doctor’s Clinic and Hospital. This system application was created using Visual Basic.NET and MS SQL. The System is designed to work with any platforms (Windows or Linux).The project’s scope is principally comprised of developing a Point of Sales (POS) and Inventory System that is fully integrated with the hospital-wide system intended to be deployed in the hospital. The system, being just one of the components of the hospital-wide system, is
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