Foreigners & Singapore

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Examine the impact that foreigners have on Singapore. In Singapore, there has been a rise in the number of foreigners over the last few years. Foreigners, who include highly skilled professionals, lowly skilled workers, and even foreign students negative impact brought about by them. Foreigners are considered to be a double-edged sword by many Singaporeans. The impact that foreigners have on Singapore can be classified in terms of education, economic, social and political impact. Increasing the birth rates, increasing the quality of the local students, adding value to our economy are just a few of the many positive impact brought about by them. However, competition in the academic race and contradicting ways of living which lead to…show more content…
Thus, there is no need for local students to worry about the rise in the number of foreign students. Hence, it is not entirely right to say that the influx of foreign students in Singapore will deprive our local students of opportunities in the field of academia. Another negative social impact is that they reinforce prejudices about immigrants in certain quarters. The way of living of some foreigners leads to the locals becoming upset over. For example, talking loudly in public, spitting and being unhygienic are some of the habits that Singaporeans find themselves uncomfortable with. This is especially so for the lowly skilled workers who forget that they are in a developed country and behave the way they do in their villages or homes. For example, the Straits Times covered new about social problems brought about by foreign workers. Many locals respondents mentioned things like workers getting heavily drunk at night and chatting away loudly at the void decks of Housing Development Board (HDB) flats. They also complained of workers talking loudly on their mobile phones on public transport and the more severe problem was that many locals felt that foreign workers like to stare at females. Anger has erupted over such problems leading to a misunderstanding of locals and foreigners. Locals try to stay away from foreigners. Thus there is a communication barrier between locals and some foreigners due to such social problems that arise.
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