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Foremostco Case Study The decision to change an entire system that the company had been accustomed to was a big challenge to start out with. However the outcome of this incident could have been better if certain decisions were made differently in their process. The first major decision was when they determined to go with building the software from scratch. A solution off the shelf is much cheaper and takes no time compared to in house development. Even though they said the ones they found were unable to perform tasks they require, there should be a very strong indication that the in-house method would be a success to make that choice. They should have also considered adapting their sales force to a potential off-the-shelf…show more content…
If a new off-the-shelf solution was implemented with very different formatting and interface as well, it probably will not be appreciated and cause a lot of similar problems. From the big picture, they could have avoided the crisis in several ways. First is a good check up system that keeps them aware of the progress. This will avoid them figuring out no work is done after a very long time. Second is a thorough research and analysis. I think they could have done better with thinking about potential solutions that merge off-the-shelf and customization. They should have also hired experts in the programming field to estimate and make suggestions in addition to the IT manager’s words. Spending money and time for preparation should be well worth the cost of mistakes that come after. And third is they should have started to prepare the employees for this change. They should have them try out the beta versions, test runs and get accustomed to the idea of having a new software. This would prevent the frustration that resulted from this incident. If there were expectations for this new software and its potential flaws, it would not be as surprising. My recommendations going forward is that never make a decision because of the time pressure of because you’ve already gotten this far. I think it is important to always think thoroughly and compare the long

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