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Managerial Auditing Journal
Emerald Article: Forensic accounting education: insights from academicians and certified fraud examiner practitioners Zabihollah Rezaee, E. James Burton

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respondents reported that inadequate emphasis on fraud determent practices and on education contributed to this problem. The public interest in fraud investigation encouraged the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) to host a two-hour online fraud conference on CompuServe on 19 June 1996 featuring David L. Landsittel, Chair of the AICPA’s Fraud Task Force, and Edmund R. Noonan, Chair of the Auditing Standards Board (AICPA, 1996a). The conference discussed the proposed Statement on Auditing Standards, “Consideration of Fraud in a Financial Statement Audit”. The Treadway Commission (1987) recommended that accounting programmes pay more attention to fraud investigation education, suggesting that current curriculum content may be deficient in this important area. The range of knowledge required of forensic accountants in performing litigation services, giving expert testimony and conducting fraud investigation is extensive and should, perhaps, have a more prominent position in the accounting curriculum. Many groups in society expect accountants to assume a more active role in providing reasonable assurance regarding responsible corporate governance, reliable financial reporting, and detecting and preventing fraudulent financial activities. In response

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