Forensic Accounting : The Field Of Accounting

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The field of accounting goes deeper than the general business field and requires specialized actions. Accounting is the systematic and comprehensive recording of financial transactions pertaining to a business. This system can contain various steps, procedures, and processes that led you to your final results. Some of these various types of accounting include tax, managerial, financial, governmental, private, and forensic accounting. So as you can see, even in this extremely specialized field you can participate and work in various accounting sectors. Today, we will focus on the topic of forensic accounting which is not only a newer field of accounting but has very intriguing concepts and reasons to why it was created. So while exploring the many facets of forensic accounting we will study multiple topics such as: what is forensic accounting and how it was created, and what individuals or groups use this type of accounting. We will even discover the history of forensic accounting, skills need to work in this field, and the industries served through this process. Finally, a better understanding of this topic will come from examining U.S. cases and investigations, and also how the federal government can choose to intervene in forensic accounting. To fully understand this topic it is important to define what forensic accounting is to learn how the field was established. “Forensic-accounting can involve the application of special skills in accounting, auditing, finance,

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