Forensic Analysis : Forensics Analysis Essay

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Forensic Analysis Implementation
Ms. Rajnee Kanoje1, Dr. S. D. Choudhari2
MTech. CSE, SBITM COE, Betul, Professor SBITM COE, Betul Email -,

Now days, criminals frequently use all latest technologies to commit serious crimes like cracking sites, fraud in different domains, prohibited access etc. Thus, the inquiry of such cases is very difficult and more significant task. So, we need to do the analysis of crime scene data. In digital forensic analysis time factor play very critical role. So it’s a not an easy task for investigator to do such complex analysis in very short period of time. This is the main reason we used the digital forensic analysis of documents technique where complex task is accomplished using a simpler approach. Such type of analysis technique includes document clustering. So, clustering algorithms play very important role for efficient results. In this paper we used proposed novel approach to achieve more efficient document clustering in forensic analysis.
Keywords: Document Clustering, Forensic Analysis, Investigation, Data Mining.
1. Introduction:
Recently in the world of digital technology especially in the computer world there is tremendous increase in crime like unauthorized access, money laundering etc. So, investigation of such cases is much more important task for that kind of crime investigation that’s why we need to do digital forensic…
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