Forensic Chemistry Essay

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Forensic Chemistry Forensic Chemistry is a branch of chemistry that deals with chemical analysis of evidence found at crime sites and any other substance that may have been used during a crime. Examples would be like analyzing the weapon for DNA and fingerprints, and analyzing any substance like spit or blood that might contain the criminal's or the victim's DNA in it. Forensic Chemistry is very popular today, as it is in many famous TV shows, especially CSI, which means crime scene investigator, hence they are all forensic chemists. One could think that they know a lot about forensics and they can do it just by watching the TV show, but in reality all of the tests and clues are found by rigorous processes that are highly complicated…show more content…
After that is done, the incident can be proved to be intentional or accidental, but sometimes that is not even enough. People who earn degrees in forensic chemistry can find careers in private labs, police departments, fire departments, with bomb squads, in the military, and in national agencies like the FBI or CIA. And from there one can specialize in a particular part of forensics, like identifying chemicals used in fires and bombs, or drugs. The minimum time to graduate from college and become a forensic chemist is a bachelor's degree, but in order to instruct and teach a master's degree or PHD is usually needed. Being a forensic chemist also comes with tremendous responsibility. The result that you come up with determine the course of someone's life by accusing or not. The evidence needs to be correctly examined to link the crime to the criminal, if not then they walk and the family suffers without redemption for their loss. Every piece of evidence needs to be treated gently and assured of no contaminants to make the most accurate result. The conclusion of a forensic chemist in a court of law has a very firm statement on who is guilty based on the hard evidence. Forensic chemistry has much history and can be traced back to the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans. They first studied poisons, as they used it to
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