Forensic Design And Building A Digital Forensic Laboratory

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Forensic Lab Design Sherrie Davis CIS417 Professor Curtis Burch November 5, 2015 Forensic Lad Design the university that employs you as an information security professional has recently identified the need to design and build a digital forensic laboratory. You have been tasked with designing the lab for the organization. As the information security professional for the university I have been given the task of designing and building the digital forensic laboratory. I have created a proposal for the new digital forensic laboratory, which I will be discussing some of the main areas needed in regards to creating the lab. Six of the main areas which I will be discussing are; the necessity for the lab, a budget, implementation,…show more content…
It will also enhance their knowledge of maintaining and organizing an actual forensic laboratory. Secondly, “The lab budget”, to quota from Barbara, 2006, “PURCHASING A COMMERCIALLY AVAILABLE COMPUTER SYSTEM Some Advantages 1. One source for purchasing the system 2. No incompatibility of hardware components 3. All software pre-installed 4. No conflicts between software and hardware 5. Up and running out-of-the-box 6. On-line support available Some Disadvantages 1. Greater initial cost for purchasing the system 2. Not able to easily upgrade components (warranty issues) 3. Less understanding of how a computer works 4. Down time for replacement of components This is a sound planning decision in determining the budget for the laboratory. Since this is a University I will budget that the lab will require several different types of equipment and systems. This would mean the price of these items may have a hefty tally. The advantage is since it is a Digital Forensic Laboratory all items can be purchased from the same provider, computers, monitors, servers, keyboards, and programs. The computers will need the proper amount of RAM, hard drive space; and USB 2.o compatible drive. I will also consider the cost for budget upgrades and equipment replacements. Another main concern for the

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