Forensic Evidence From A Crime Scene

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Procedures used to examine and recover forensic evidence from a crime scene. There are many different procedures in Forensic Science which are used to gather evidence from crime scenes, all of which vary due to no crime scene being identical. Examining the evidence from a crime scene is essential and a very important factor of Forensic Science. The evidence gathered from a crime scene will provide facts and piece together information regarding the crime committed, this information is then used to form a case and debate what happened at the crime scene. Once all the information is gathered and the facts are established, the case is then presented to a court of justice to prove or disprove any facts and evidence. Usually there are many steps when examining and recovering forensic evidence for a crime scene and these are as follow. Planning to examine a crime scene When planning to examine a crime scene all aspects should be taken into account before entering. The first thing that should happen is cordoning off the crime scene, this is predominately performed by the police and is done so to ensure the crime scene is not contaminated by public access. Once the scene is secure access is restricted to the police and forensic team. When planning to examine a crime scene key information should be available which will help identify the location, area and what type of crime has been committed. This information will enable the forensic team to competently perform a rigorous examination
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