Forensic Examiner

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What is a Forensic Examiner?
A forensic examiner is a scientific professional who collects, analyzes and reports on crime scene evidence. While most work in law enforcement labs or offices, some work in the field collecting and recording evidence.
What is a Forensic Examiner?
According to the American College of Forensic Examiners Institute (ACFEI), the term forensic examiner is broadly applied to scientific and technical professionals who investigate information in order to form an expert opinion. The legal system relies on professional experts during trials to establish the truth regarding crimes. However, most people don’t know that forensic examination isn’t limited to stereotypical crime evidence, such as weapons or personal items. Forensic examiners specialize in a wide array of areas, such as DNA, accounting, ballistics, pathology, fingerprinting, documents and toxicology.

Who is the ACFEI?
The ACFEI is
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They offer forensic examination careers in biometric analysis, forensic response and scientific analysis. First, forensic examiners perform complex DNA casework for the Federal DNA Database and the Combined DNA Index System (CODIS). Second, there are many forensic response technicians who perform tasks such as forensic imaging and crime scene documentation. For example, forensic imaging professionals work within the Forensic Imaging Unit (FIU) to provide photographic processing and support services. Crime scene documentation technicians survey and record crime scenes through traditional methods and digital cameras with laser scanners. They reconstruct anything from plane crashes to bullet trajectories. Third, there are scientific analysis technicians who perform chemistry, firearms and trace evidence research and analysis. For instance, trace evidence technicians assess and identify trace materials that are transferred during violent crimes, such as soil, glass, fibers and
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