Forensic Investigation Based On An Imaginary Company

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Forensic Analysis Name University Course Name and Code Instructor Date of Submission Forensic Analysis Context: This analysis is based on an imaginary company, ABC Corporation that designs and manufactures wireless routers and telecommunication equipment. However, the company lacks procedures, processes and policies for external forensic examination. The following discussion details a policy and process that may structure forensic examination requirements for a crime possibly committed using one of the company’s computers. Discussion: In digital forensic investigations, Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) should be designed within the limits of the tools available at the…show more content…
83). The forensic experts should first build a business case through a detailed risk analysis to demonstrate how the process will free the company from litigation. This would serve as a persuasive justification for supporting the lab in case employees’ rights were infringed during the crime (Nelson et al., 2016 p. 83). Important points to consider during acquisition of evidence should include but not limited to: acceptance criteria, point of contact (Adams, 2012), required documentation and software, vendor’s maintenance record (Nelson et al., 2016 p. 84) and physical evidence submission requirements (Adams, 2012). Fourth, it is imperative to evaluate whether the mission statement of the forensic team integrates its core functions and how these functions align with the wider picture of the crime scene. The functions of this team may range from forensic analysis to evidence collection and high-technology investigations. The mandate of the team will be limited to its core functions, the type of digital crime committed and whether it violates the company’s policies (Craiger, n.d). Fourth, the administrative aspects of the crime scene should be thoroughly evaluated. Before investigating the digital crime, it is imperative to ensure that the software used for forensic analysis (or used to commit the crime) is fully licensed by the agency assigned to the unit or the vendor respectively
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