Forensic Misconduct

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Forensic Misconduct: Dr. Pamela A. Fish Kirstin L. Daniels Professor Ian Rodway George Mason University Forensic Misconduct: Pamela A Fish Forensic science is defined as the practice of utilizing scientific methodologies to clarify judicial inquiries. The field of forensic science contains a broad range of disciplines and has become a vital aspect of criminal investigations. Some forensic disciplines are laboratory-based; while others are based on an analyst’s interpretation of observable patterns (Kourtsounis, 2009). According to the Innocence project’s website; in greater than fifty percent of wrongful convictions, the use of invalidated or improper forensic techniques played a role in cases; which were later…show more content…
Although he was in jail, five more crimes with the same distinctive patterns occurred. Though another man name Dennis McGruder had been arrested and charged with those crimes the prosecution still moved forward with Willis’ case (Warden). The only piece of physical evidence in this case was a scrap of toilet paper; which, contained traces of semen on it. (In 1992, after two separate jury trials Willis was convicted based on identification of eyewitness identifications, as well as the rape victims. He was sentenced to one hundred years in prison. The prosecution in this case failed to disclose to the defense attorneys that they had received a report; which, stated that one of the rape suspects had type A blood. This was exculpatory evidence as Willis had type B blood. Dr. Fish’s hand written lab notes concluded that the secretor of the semen had type A blood; however in her official report and later her testimony, she falsely testified that she was unable to complete the test because the biological sample was too small to test. In 1997, under a new law granting him the right to seek DNA testing, Willis filed a petition. Prosecutors claimed that the biological evidence had been lost, but was later found. The DNA sample was tested and found to exclude Willis as the donor. After eight years of incarceration, another man Dennis McGruder confessed to the crimes after being linked via DNA. Willis (Fisher, 2014) was released from custody
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