Forensic Pathologists And Autopsies

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The Importance of Forensic Pathologists and Autopsies Death becomes a part of every single person’s life at some point in time, whether it is in the form of a close relative, parent, spouse, or even one’s own death. While it is not the most pleasant subject, death is something that needs to be addressed to prepare those who will have to manage it when the time comes. Depending on the situation at hand, certain circumstances of demise may not be completely understood, and in these cases, autopsies can provide families with closure by giving them answers needed to clarify any questions that may have come along with the loss of their loved one (“American Autopsy Services”, np). With new advances in technology and new medical diagnostic systems,…show more content…
Coming from the Greek word “autopsia” the word autopsy means, “to see with one’s own eyes.” In an autopsy, the body is analyzed, both internally and externally, to determine the cause and manner of that person’s death by identifying any diseases, wounds, or abnormalities found throughout the body (Stöppler, np). Medical examiners must consider the medical history of the deceased as well as analyze toxicology reports from blood and urine samples taken during the autopsy process (“Forensic Pathology Career & Salary Outlook,” np). Disease progression as well as the effectiveness of any treatments given can also be determined from an autopsy. Provided that this knowledge can be obtained, autopsies are considered to be a part of the field of pathology, or the study of the cause and effects of disease. This information on diseases can be particularly beneficial for research purposes as well as informative to families about illnesses that may be genetic (Stöppler, np). Upon completing the examination, a report is filed stating whether the findings suggested suicidal, homicidal, accidental, or natural causes of death and also covering the basic findings of the case. Finally, a death certificate must be prepared for the physician of the deceased to sign (“Medical Examiner,”…show more content…
Having an answer regarding a loved one’s death in cases of uncertainty is psychologically beneficial to the family members, especially if they are concerned that the death had occurred because of something they did. If there were any genetic disorders that led to the death, those can be clarified and relayed to the family as well. Clinicians and hospitals benefit from autopsies because they provide reassurance of the diagnoses, treatments and the appropriateness of the medical care received. Society experiences the benefits of autopsies through the evaluation of diagnostic tests, drugs, and diagnostic techniques along with advanced medical knowledge of new diseases as well as environmental, occupational, and existing diseases. Mortality statistics are only able to be verified from autopsy data because so often statistics are inaccurate with the lack of an autopsy (Stöppler,
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