Forensic Psychologist Essay

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Leigha Dunbar
Jennifer Browning
English -111-YD1
17 October 2017
The life of a Forensic Psychologist
A mother of four children known and respected by her community is charged with killing three of her four children. When hearing a story like this one, what does one think? Why did she kill her children? What would drive a mother to kill her own children? After police find the motive behind the killing, it is found that taking on the responsibility of being a single mother drove the motive of the killings. One wonders what the mother was thinking or going through to commit such a hannis crime. Solving a crime involves forensic science to help catch a criminal but sometimes it requires a little more, forensic psychology. Forensic
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Why is Forensic Psychology needed? Forensic Psychology can play an important role in solving a case. Professionals in this particular field can narrow down a suspect list or provide a motive behind a crime(s). The field of forensic psychology is important because it can help prevent future crimes as well. Psychologists in this field may be called for rehabilitation for criminals , to insure the law is abided. Research conducted by professionals in this field can pinpoint crime before one has the chance to commit the crime.
What degrees are required for Forensic Psychology? For general education, forensic psychology can have a focus on psychology, criminology, and forensics. There are different ways that one could earn their degree for this field. One could earn their bachelor's degree with the main focus of psychology and or criminal justice. One could also earn a bachelor's degree in criminal justice or criminal law/ justice and have a focus of psychology. Although, having a bachelors is nice to have under one's belt, most require a masters to be successful in this career. This field in forensic psychology, a masters degree in Psychology is recommended. Being in the field of psychology, it is important to stay informed on upcoming research. Those including cognitive, clinical , developmental, and behavioral. It is important to have an understanding of law and criminology: laws, statutes, and legal procedures of the
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