Forensic Psychology : A Unique Twist On Regular Psychology

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Forensic psychology is a unique twist on regular psychology. Remarkably the job of a forensic is a more intense psychiatrist. This is because they do more than normal psychiatrist. A Forensic Psychiatrist is a doctor that has training in psychiatry and forensic that come together to be used with in different aspects of the law (Forensic Psychiatrist: Job Description, 2013). I am interested in Forensic Psychiatrist as a career because it deals with both Forensic and psychology and I am very fascinated by both. Also I find that understand mental health is very important and the want to break the barrier that so many people have about mental illness is something that is very important to me. Others should be instead in them because the help…show more content…
Remarkably they could become mentally unstable. This causes mental illness such as depression, bipolar disorder, and many other different illnesses and disorders. Mental illnesses are important to be treated so that the people that have them have an opportunity to live the way someone with mental stability can live (Mental health: a state of well-being, 2014) . Also there is a barrier that people have, whether it be not understanding mental health, or not caring about it. A psychologist helps break down those barriers and makes things easier for people to have mental disabilities to get the proper treatment that they need. Mental illnesses are nothing to play around with. They can cause rational people do irrational things (Mental health: a state of well-being, 2014).
“Forensic mental health defined more broadly is an area of specialization that, in the criminal sphere, involves the assessment and treatment of those who are both mentally disordered and whose behavior has led, or could lead, to offending (Mullen, 2000).” Remarkably specifically what a forensic psychologist does in comparison to a regular psychologist or psychiatrist is they are involved with the way more than a regular psychologist or psychiatrist does. So working on the forensic field, they would deal a lot more with pressure than a regular psychiatrist. Depending on crimes or offences committed will
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