Forensic Psychology And The Justice System

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Forensic psychology is the connection between psychology and the justice system. The word forensic derives from the Latin word “forensic” meaning “forum” the place where trials were accompanied in Roman times. There are many definitions that exist for forensic psychology but the more narrow definition applies to the intersection of clinical psychology to legal matters.
One of the areas of focus for Forensic psychologist is in the evaluations in Civil Proceedings. They do an accurate assessment of examinees emotional, behavioral, and cognitive functioning. One of the important evaluations that the forensic psychologist do is in Child custody. (Freedheim & Weiner 2003). A Child custody evaluation is one the most complex and challenging evaluation in which forensic psychologist assess the parents and children. During custody dispute evaluators are required to assess multiple people such as parents, children, parents’ significant others. The child custody evaluations provide the court with information regarding what custody and visitation arrangement will be in favor of the child. Some of the main issue that forensic psychologist that they evaluate is the child’s best interest, the purpose of the custody, parenting evaluation, evaluate the basic impact the child had by the divorce and research special issues such as conflict between parents, alienated children, domestic violence, sexual abuse, and relocation. The first thing that is evaluated is the best interest of the
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