Forensic Psychology Research Paper

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Forensic Psychology is a vast, diverse field that offers a great opportunity to serve one’s community in the most productive of ways. Forensic Psychology can be used to help solve and prevent crimes from happening. The field of psychology is often focused on the criminals themselves. “Professionals in this field are often given the responsibilities of trying to figure out why certain people commit crimes; what type of person committed a crime; and how to prevent people from committing crimes”(Pakes27). It is early in its field and use but is growing and has a constant demand in the work place. Forensic Psychology seeks to gain an insight into the nature of the criminal and troubled mind by corresponding with serial killers, convicted sex offenders,…show more content…
Classes like biology and psychology can become useful in pursuing a career in psychology. Education is extremely important and a bachelor and especially a master’s degree is what is needed in this field. A bachelor degree will get someone’s foot in the door, but a doctoral would open the field to any kind of position you want and the pay is limitless. A doctoral degree is needed to even become a licensed psychologist. A newcomer should expect years and years of classes, scientific labs, and time in the field getting a hands on approach to forensic…show more content…
The call for consultation, research, and clinical practice of the law will continuously be a demand in the post industrialized society that we live in. New laws and innovative ways to deal with juvenile offenders are also starting to become popular areas of practice and offer new positions to people coming out of school.
Forensic psychology is a diverse field of study that really focuses on studying the mind and the cause of such violent and horrific acts in our society that we face today. Without them we as a people could not comprehend why some people in our world can act in such a way. They offer answers to the mind in a way that scientists or even doctors cannot. They understand that the human mind is complex, hard to understand, and in some certain times even dangerous. Forensic psychology is the key to understanding the flaws that plague our
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