Essay on Forensic Psychology Subspecialities

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Forensic Psychology Subspecialties
TaShara Smith
Master of Science in Forensic Psychology
Walden University
May 18, 2014

The field of psychology is constantly evolving due to new research and techniques that have been proven to be more effective. Forensic psychology is very diverse field with a wide range of specialty areas. These specialty areas were created to allow psychologists to focus on one specific area. This paper will focus on roles and responsibilities of the six subspecialties of forensic psychology; criminal, juvenile, civil, investigative, correctional and police. This paper will also address
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The easiest way to resolve this concern is make sure there is only one legitimate relationship.

Unresolved Controversial Issues One of the most unresolved controversial issues in psychology is the misuse of psychological knowledge in research, assessment, practice or any other activity that utilizes psychology as a tool. When the September 11th attack took place the APA addressed what psychologists contributed to U.S. National Security. The report from the task force generated a number of controversies one being that task force members were psychologists serving as active military. There was criticism with the task force because once the identification of the members was revealed it showed signs of connection with intelligence gathering and detainee interrogation (Olson, Solz, and Davis, 2008). Civil Psychology Major Roles A civil psychologist major role is to conduct assessments of emotional factors when involving discrimination and sexual harassment, workers compensation evaluations, as well as psychological autopsies. A civil psychologist may also be used in family court and in this case their major roles would be to perform child custody evaluations, child abuse evaluations, and evaluations to assess the termination of parental rights. Another important role a civil psychologist has assessing juvenile competency to stand trial and to make suggestions in reference to treatment and
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