Forensic Science And The Criminal Investigation

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For the past twenty years, the criminal investigation process along with forensic science have united to the prosecution and defense of criminal cases. For the application of science and technology has become an important role in the investigation and judgement of crimes committed. The value of forensic science has had a major impact on the outcomes of a criminal investigation, with also leading to a higher number of convictions. Forensic science started as a singular subject and with the help of experts in their own fields of expertise, flourished forensic science into many disciplines. The past of forensics has brought new technologies to the present field of criminal justice to interpret from the opening of a crime scene all the way to the prosecution of a suspect at court.
The field of forensic science has come a long way since its first introduction. Unquestionably, forensic science is the “science in the service of the law” with the use of techniques and guiding principles that provide scientific and technical answers to assist the criminal investigation (Lee & Harris, 2011, p. 428). Dramatic scientific breakthrough in the past 20 years have transformed forensic science. In retrospect, forensic evidence has given investigators possible leads and evidence to help the prosecution, that once was an impossible task. Such breakthroughs have brought forensic science to be embedded in the criminal justice system.
Medicine and law have been closely intertwined since the…
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