Forensic Science: Forensic Odontology

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Statistics have proven that dentists have one of the highest suicide rates out of all of the other occupations in America. Dentists' jobs can be very repetitive. For the most part, they perform the same procedures in the same environment every day. Their patients can often be boring or hard to deal with, and worst of all they will deal with patients looking to sue for dental malpractice. If bad enough, this can put them out of business. As many people know, there are dental specialties such as; orthodontists, prosthodontists, pedodonists, periodontists, and oral and maxillofacial surgeons. The most unrecognized dental specialty is forensic odontology. Forensic odontologists are dentists that work in the field of forensic science.…show more content…
These are the forensic odontologists that would most likely be working full-time as general dentists. Forensic odontology requires fine motor skills just like any other field of dentistry. Forensic odontologists must also have a keen sense of observation, “Forensic odontology requires attention to detail and the ability to work patiently to complete a lengthy process step-by-step without rushing” (explorehealthcareers). Forensic odontologists, just like others in the forensic science field, must be able to re-create the crime in their head just from the evidence at the crime scene. This is one of the main things that make forensic odontology a truly unique field of dentistry. When forensic odontologists deal with cases in which there is an unidentifiable body, they will attend the autopsy to gather some information. The forensic odontologist at the autopsy will “take photographs, cranial measurements, dental impressions and x-rays from the remains” (explorehealthcareers). The forensic odontologist will also give an age estimation of the individual. The most accurate estimations can be made on any individual that is in the range of infant years to about twenty-one years of age. When baby teeth are still present, forensic odontologists can make a more accurate age estimation. They they are able to tell due to the number of permanent teeth and deciduous teeth – baby teeth – that are contained in an individual's dentition. Even when all baby teeth are
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