Forensic Science Personal Statement

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Doing applied science allowed me theoretically and practically to see the beauty behind science by doing laboratory work as well as forensic research. My interest in Forensic science began when I was 14 years old. Since then I have been interested in learning what different methods and techniques are used to solve crimes. I know that forensic science has an important role in the criminal justice system. It is amazing how technologies have developed over the years, for example, fingerprinting. Originally prints were taken with ink and placed on paper. However today the internet and computers allow law enforcement officials to place prints in databases.The course that I am doing has given me the opportunity to understand better the role of a forensic scientist and their responsibilities. Furthermore in this course I gained a range of skills such as teamwork, time management and planning and organising my work.…show more content…
My work as a volunteer was to make sure that the shop was tidy, to listen to customers and answer their questions. Working in the shop has improved my confidence and teamwork skills as I gained many skills such as organisation, time management and communication. These are very important for the role of a forensic scientist as I will need to give evidence in court individually as well as part of a team. This has been a good introduction to the world of work and its demands such as punctuality, reliability and honesty. Also I completed work experience in a pharmacy.There I understood that being a pharmacist is not only to give patients medicines but also to give advice as well. While I was working there I improved my interpersonal skills, where I gained the understanding that no matter how knowledgable the pharmacist is about the medicine and human anatomy, they must be able to interact well with customers and patients. While at college I achieved awards for excellent attendance and
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